Can you spot the difference?

This photograph shows the well kept graveyard of Saron Chapel, Troedyrhiw at some time in the early  part of the last century:-


Following the demolition of the chapel buildings and almost 30 years of neglect this was the scene which greeted any visitor to the site:-


Following initial clearance work in the early part of 2012 the true nature of this important historic location can once again be seen:-


Friends of Saron value constuctive comments about this project. New members and supporters are always welcome. Please find contact details under Contact Us.


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Originally from South Wales I have lived in Nottinghamshire for over forty years. I am married and have three grown up children and two grandchildren. Having worked in education for 43 years I will retire in July 2012. My interests include history (general, local and family), rugby union, swimming, photography, bird watching and gardening. For the benefit of anyone who may actually read this (extremely unlikely, I admit) please do not confuse 'interests' with knowledge or skill. My involvement in a community project which aims to rescue a graveyard from the effects of almost 30 years of neglect. also keeps me quite busy. View all posts by davidjcollier

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