Lest we forget

A recent newspaper article stated that the younger generation have little interest in or knowledge about World War 1. (the ‘Great War’). What do you think about this?

Over 6 million UK soldiers, including around 300,000 from Wales, served in WW1 and around 700,000 were killed, some 40,000 of whom were Welsh. This had a massive impact in most of our cities towns and villages and Troedyrhiw was no exception. On the War Memorial in Troedyrhiw Park are the names of 55 young men from our village who did not return when the war ended in 1918 (visit: http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Glamorgan/Troedyrhiw.html). If you have information about any of these we would be very pleased to receive it (email: friendsofsaron@gmail.com).

We have recently been able to copy the names from the ‘Roll of Honour’ that once hung in Mount Zion Chapel in Troedyrhiw. This lists the 48 members of the chapel (see below) that served in WW1. If you have information about any of these we would be very pleased to receive it (email: friendsofsaron@gmail.com).

Fred G. Ball

Willie Beavan

David D. Bevan

Ernest Bevan

Howard Bevan

George James Broad

Eddie Cross

Tom Cross

Edward Curnow

Michael Curnow

Daniel Davies

Fred Davies

Fred Davies

Giles Davies

Idris V. Davies

Jim Davies

Lewis Davies

Arthur Day

Willie England

H. Griffith Evans

James Evans

John Edward Evans

Johnnie Evans

Reggie Flower

Tom Lewis

John J. Hall

Lewis Hughes

Walter Hutchings

G. Jaynes

Evan L. Jones

Robert Jones

J. Knight

John Leat

Edward J. Meyrick

Bert Morrell

Willie Morrell

John Morris

Martin Morris

Milwyn Morris

W. R. Protheroe

Dan Pryce

David Pugh

David C. Rendall

Ino. J. Rendall

I. T. Rendall

Marsden Williams

Charles (‘Charlie’) L. Young


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