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After 8 years of effort and many ‘ups and downs’ Friends of Saron remain as determined as we were at the outset to see this project through to a successful conclusion.

It is beyond doubt that the appalling condition of Saron Graveyard before this project began was the result of long-term neglect. The hard work of Friends of Saron volunteers can only take the improvements so far and we now desperately need an injection of funding to replace a large section of retaining wall which, through lack of maintenance over many years, has been allowed to collapse. The positions of those parties that have an interest in this property have not always been helpful and the process of unlocking funding is proving to be complex.

A local professional environmentalist has summed up our situation in this way:-

“your progress to date is fabulous (based on my 25 years of environmental community work experience), setbacks are frustratingly commonplace as you have discovered and more groups than not do not survive even to the implementation of anything significant at all. Worst of all are landowners/leaseholders who contribute nothing at all but dictate such matters as where funds come from to implement works on their land for their benefit and this should be strongly voiced. It is not the leaseholder who is receiving the grant but I understand that awkward people are awkward…and it is people and not organisations when you dig!”

Please support us, if you possibly can, by attending our next COMMITTEE MEETING which will be held at the Angel Inn, Troedyrhiw at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th June.

You might also like to see what we are doing in the graveyard and, perhaps, give us an hour or so of your time at our VOLUNTEER DAY from 10.00am on Saturday 17th June. We would really like to see you.


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