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Desecration & a kick in the teeth

We know that you will be concerned, as we are, to know that there has been some recent criminal damage caused at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. Apart from the desecration of graves this is a kick in the teeth for our volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to return this sensitive and historic site to a condition in which it will be a community asset that we can all be proud of.
Thankfully, the damage is confined, on this occasion, to one corner of the site but we fear that other areas could be at risk in the future. The culprits have clambered up from the public footpath that leads from Chapel Street to Cardiff Road. We understand that the maintenance of this path is the responsibility of the Council although they do not seem to have carried this out for very many years. In July 2016 our volunteers carried out an extensive clearup of the path and removed a large amount of fly-tipped rubbish that had been dumped on either side of it. Over the past three years the path has reverted to the same shameful condition that it was in before we intervened.
The moral of this story is that without regular maintenance areas like this will continue to be dumping grounds and targets for the antisocial minority who appear to have no conscience and no community feeling.
P.S. We are unable to show the full image due to its obscene nature.