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It’s never too hot for Saron volunteers

Our intrepid band of volunteers braved the searing heat last Saturday to continue the improvement work in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. This included:-

  • Lopping branches off a tree that has grown far to large for this space.
  • Watering the small ornamental tree and shrubs which were planted last month.
  • Tidying up, watering and mulching the stumpery with ferns etc that were planted last  month.
  • Completing the setting up of a small ‘pond in an old kitchen sink’.
  • Expanding the ‘bug hotel’ which had been set up by Willows Youth as luxury accomodation for a range of small creatures.

Many thanks for your input and support to Steve C., Simon, Sheila, Andrew, Steve E., Chris, Frances, David, Phil and John.



Call in to support us or to join in this worthwhile project

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Want to get involved in a worthwhile community project? Interested in our local heritage and environment? If so, please think about popping into SARON GRAVEYARD, TROEDYRHIW on SAT 14 JULY at any time from 10.00am onwards to see what has been going on and learn what the next stage might be.

Please support this project

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The next meeting to discuss the Saron Graveyard Project will be held at the ANGEL INN, BRIDGE ST., TROEDYRHIW, on THURS 12 JULY at 6.30pm. Further progress is being made so why not come along to find out what has been happening and have your say about the future direction of this project?

A bug hotel and habitat heaps

Last Thursday Friends of Saron were very pleased to work with young people and youth workers from the Willows Centre, Troedyrhiw on the creation of some habitats for wildlife in the village’s historic graveyard. Under the supervision of Jake Castle, Keep Wales Tidy and Youth Leader Dan Townsend they worked with energy, enthusiasm and imagination to produce a ‘bug hotel’ from used pallets and other materials. A start was also made on putting together some ‘habitat heaps’ in the form of a log pile and a rock pile which will become homes for a variety of small creatures.

At the beginning of the session some additional ‘bug boxes’ which had been made by volunteers were erected around the site.

The contribution that Willows Youth are making to this community venture has been good to see and the way in which these young people conducted themselves brought credit to themselves and to the youth workers that guide and support them. Such interest in their heritage and environment from members of the younger generation has, from our point of view, been most heartening.

Special thanks are due to Caitlyn, Misha, Isabelle, Jazz, Jake, Dan T., Dan J., Alex, Pauline, Sheila and David for making this so successful. Also to Stephen & George, Printers for donating pallets.

More Bug Boxes for Saron

Bug boxes (1)

Our volunteers have made these bug boxes from pieces of scrap wood and other waste materials. These will be erected this week in warm, sheltered positions in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. They will give nature a helping hand by providing perfect habitats for small beneficial creatures such as ladybirds, lacewings, spiders and solitary bees.

Another Volunteer Day in Saron Graveyard


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.25.58 16.43.42Our volunteers will again be working in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw this Saturday June 02 from 10.00am. Why not pop in to see what we have been doing and have a chat with us about our vision for the future? The ultimate success of this project depends upon community support.

The work at Saron goes on. Can you help in some way?

It was a cold and crisp day at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday but our volunteers soon warmed to their tasks. Our group remains as determined as ever to take the programme of improvement work as far as we can. Our workers may be small in number but they have many skills and, when necessary, are not afraid of hard physical work. Saturday’s achievements included:-
* removal, not for the first time, of a considerable amount of fly-tipped domestic waste which had been thrown into the graveyard and strewn beside the adjacent footpath – WE SOMETIMES DESPAIR!;
* some early planting including Lily of the Valley;
* laying of flowers on the family grave of Doris White nee Thomas of Southampton, formerly of Troedyrhiw, who died recently at the age of 98;
* laying of flowers by visitors who, although unable to locate a family grave, wished to leave a token of their respect for those who have been laid to rest in this special place;
* stabilisation of a number of headstones.

If you feel that you might be able to help us in any way please drop in for a while to our next Volunteer Day which will be held on Saturday 24th March from 10.00am. You will be made most welcome.
Thanks for last Saturday’s efforts must go to Steve C., Simon, Clive, Sheila, Steve E., Andrew, David, Phil, Mike and Diane. Your input and support were most appreciated.

Love your community, its heritage, its present, its future.

Jean Luffman's photo (1)

The Troedyrhiw community has always participated in and supported a whole range of activities. The village once had an unrivalled reputation locally for sport, music and drama with its chapels and schools playing an important role. There is much still to be proud of with some very active agencies and community groups working hard to bring about environmental and social improvements with all the benefits in health and well-being that this will bring.


Some dates for your diary


The excellent turnout by residents at last year’s unveiling of a heritage plaque at Saron Graveyard and at other heritage related events in the village has been most encouraging. Please make a note of these forthcoming opportunities to, again, show your interest:-
FRIENDS OF SARON MEETING – Thursday 15 June – 6.30pm – Angel Inn
VOLUNTEER DAY – Saturday 17 June – From 10.00am – Saron Graveyard
Your support is very important to this project so please attend these events if you possibly can.

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Join this project and you can make a real difference

Yet again the dedicated heritage and environmental volunteers of the Saron Graveyard Project have shown what hard work and determination can accomplish.

At last Saturday’s Volunteer Day held at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw, despite the changeable weather, the following work was carried out:-

  • Removal of six tree stumps. This was extremely hard physical work.
  • Clearing loose masonry and soil from the base of the wall on the low (W) side of the chapel ‘footprint’.
  • Reinstating a section of a path to improve access to graves adjacent to the low (W) side of the chapel ‘footprint’.
  • Cutting a temporary channel to carry away rainwater from a downpipe which currently drains from a roof directly onto the ground potentially affecting the building, gravestones and path.

Many thanks to Sheila, Jake, Steve C., Simon, Andrew, David, Phil, Tony and Brian for their input and support.

If you are interested in doing your bit for the community and its historic environment by contributing to this rewarding work then please contact us online at friendsofsaron@gmail.com or simply turn up at our next Volunteer Day on Saturday 29th April.