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A rewarding day’s work

The usual small but dedicated team of volunteers made another real difference in the historic Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday. While some worked on the stumpery described in another post others completed the improvement work in an area containing many graves by (a) resetting headstones; (b) levelling uneven ground and (c) planting shrubs and a small cherry tree. There was even time to give the restored iron gates a bit of a spring clean!
Our volunteers worked from 10.00am to 8.30pm with few breaks and ended the day shattered but extremely satisfied with what had been achieved.
Many thanks are due to Steve C., Mark, Simon, Sheila, Steve E., Andrew, David and Tony for their efforts and support.

Drizzle, Mud, Graves & Wildlife

Despite the drizzle and mud another successful Volunteer Day was held at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw on Saturday. Many thanks to Stephen, Simon, Sheila, Steve, Andrew, David, Phil, Jake, Frances and Chris for supporting this event.

All the graves at Saron are, in our view, equally important and Saturday’s work brought one or two back to the best possible condition. At the same time our volunteers made a few additions to the site that will, we hope, improve its wildlife value.

Are these things acceptable?

War graves desecrated in West London. See full story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-34895308

War Graves

Does this shock you or is it simply ‘just one of those things’?

Graves desecrated at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw:-

Saron Graves 6

Saron Graves 3

Saron Graves 7Saron Graves 13

Does this shock you or is it simply ‘just one of those things’?