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Great News for Troedyrhiw’s Historic Graveyard

Friends of Saron are very pleased to announce that preliminary work has begun on restoring the neglected and unsafe boundaries of Troedyrhiw’s historic graveyard. Specialist contractors have been on site and residents who are passing through the Chapel Street area should be able to follow progress over the coming weeks. We are very grateful to the freeholder and landowner for making this possible. Our volunteers are looking forward to getting back onto the Saron site when this work is completed and the Covid restrictions have been eased.

Nature at Saron, Troedyrhiw

More nature pics taken over the last year or two in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw.


Spring has sprung!

Saron Memorial & Wildlife Garden, Troed-y-rhiw.

This community project would benefit from your input

FRIENDS OF SARON, TROEDYRHIW will be holding their 82nd committee meeting next Friday. You are warmly invited to attend to discuss the current status and future plans for this project. Details are as follows:-

DATE & TIME: Friday 14 February at 6:30pm

VENUE: Angel inn, Bridge Street, Troedyrhiw.


This year marks the bicentenary of the founding in Troedyrhiw of the ‘cause’ that was to become Saron Welsh Independent Chapel in the village. A History of the Welsh Independent Churches (Thomas Rees & John Thomas 1871+) tells us that members of Bethesda Chapel, Merthyr came to Troedyrhiw in around 1820 to start a Sunday School which was held from house to house. By 1835 the first chapel had been constructed and this was replaced by a larger building on part of the same site in 1852.

From its elevated position on the valley side Saron looked down confidently, through good times and bad, as the village grew and developed below. It was to here that many local people came to find spiritual support, for educational, cultural and other community activities and, finally, to be laid to rest in the chapel graveyard in what they expected would always be tranquil and undisturbed surroundings. Saron Chapel, Troedyrhiw closed in 1983 and was demolished in 1990. Its historic graveyard was abandoned to its fate and had become a shameful and embarrassing blot on the village until the community group Friends of Saron intervened. As a group of volunteers with no religious, political or other affiliations we are working hard to create Saron Memorial & Wildlife Garden as a community asset that we can all be proud of. PLEASE SUPPORT US BY EITHER JOINING OUR VOLUNTEERS ON SITE OR IN SOME OTHER WAY. WHY NOT SEND US A MESSAGE?

Nuisance tree growth and a haunting image

As our volunteers have laboured in SARON GRAVEYARD, TROEDYRHIW they have come across many instances of tree branches and roots that have grown around headstones causing considerable problems in their removal. As the following shows such a coming together of stone and living wood can sometimes produce dramatic results.

Saron Project Receives Approval of Wildlife!

One of our volunteers took these pictures last Saturday in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. This Robin was a very curious little fellow checking out everything that we were doing and possibly being a little upset that we had invaded his territory. Or could it be that he was responding to our appeal for new volunteers? If he can do it then so perhaps can you! We would love to see you at a future volunteer day. You will be made most welcome. Why not send us a message today?

The Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw makes further progress

It now seems likely that, in the coming months, some extensive structural work will be carried out on the boundaries of SARON GRAVEYARD, TROEDYRHIW. Keep an eye on this page and on the graveyard itself for further details! Our small band of volunteers have made significant improvements to the inside of the graveyard over the past few years as we work towards realising our vision of creating SARON MEMORIAL & WILDLIFE GARDEN as a community asset. If you are able to help in any way then please get in touch.

Friends of Saron plant another tree

This November the Woodland Trust is calling on one million people to pledge to plant a tree to help us fight the climate emergency.

At their recent Volunteer Day Friends of Saron, Troedyrhiw responded to this request by planting a small yew tree in SARON GRAVEYARD, TROEDYRHIW. This adds to the other small ornamental trees that have already been planted.

Our volunteers work hard but could do with some more help

After the atrocious weather earlier in the week FRIENDS of SARON GRAVEYARD, TROEDYRHIW were fortunate in having a largely dry day last Saturday for their latest Volunteer Day in the graveyard. A very small number of volunteers managed to get quite a lot done including resetting and stabilising headstones and cementing back in place some inscribed kerbstones that had become loose. At the same time some further work was carried out to improve the rockery that is being developed in the garden area.