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If you are interested in the SARON GRAVEYARD PROJECT, TROEDYRHIW then why not pop in to one or both of next week’s events?

A most discerning insect!

Volunteers were very pleased with the results of their recent efforts to improve the condition of some of the graves in Saron Graveyard Troedyrhiw. And so was the 7-spotted ladybird that decided to lay its eggs on one of the gravestones!


The Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw could do with some additional support. If you would like to find out about some major reconstruction work on a retaining wall that will begin soon and discuss the future direction of the project then please come to one of the meetings that are advertised on this page. To show your interest or to help with some of of the on-site work (it’s not all heavy!) then please pop in to one of our Volunteer Days’ which are also advertised here.


Friends of Saron AGM

Friends of Saron held their Annual General Meeting last Friday at the Willows Centre, Troedyrhiw. The bad weather limited the number attending but this was a very positive meeting. The main points of discussion arose from the welcome news that urgently necessary structural work will soon be carried out on a retaining wall at the expense of the leaseholder. It was strongly felt that the project needs greater support from the community to achieve its goal of creating a low maintenance memorial and wildlife garden on the Saron site. Much time and energy and a certain amount of money have been invested in the restoration programme – but this will count for nought unless the local community values the graveyard as an asset.

Full minutes of this AGM will, in due course, be posted in the ‘Documents’ section of the Friends of Saron blog at  https://friendsofsaron.wordpress.com/  (access from the foot of the home page).

Volunteer Day Washout. Let’s hope for better luck next time!

Many thanks to the volunteers of Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw who had made themselves available for last Saturday’s Volunteer Day only for it to be cancelled due to the bad weather. This is only the second time since the project began that this has been necessary. A quick look into the graveyard recently showed that many of the plants that we have put in are doing well but so, unfortunately, are the weeds! We would like to see as many helpers and supporters as possible at our next scheduled session on Saturday 1st June.

Events for you to support

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Can you help this project?

Any help will be most welcome, and you will get a lot out of the experience too!

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What’s been going on in this project and what will happen next?

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Do you care about your village, its environment and its heritage? If so, then please come along and find out what this project is all about. A small group of enthusiastic volunteers has got us this far and we are now appealing for more interest and involvement from the community.

Troedyrhiw choirs

choirs compared

Troedyrhiw has much to be proud of in its rich cultural heritage as these photographs of Troedyrhiw choirs shows. Rev Ben Davies, minister of Carmel Chapel from 1943 to 1960 (shown in the front row with arms folded in the photograph from the 1950s when he was the conductor) described Troedyrhiw in these words in 1952 “We have always excelled in group activities and there has hardly been a time in living memory when we have not had our football team, dramatic societies, village band and, of course, our choirs all highly successful”.
It is interesting to note that the choir in the 1930’s had over 300 members while that of the 1950s had around 150 and, in both cases, the ladies outnumbered the men by more than 2:1. I’ve also noticed the little boy at front left in the earlier photo.

Many thanks from Friends of Saron, Troedyrhiw

Thanks for support
Very many thanks for all of the interest and support that this project has received in 2018. It now seems very likely that we will have good things to report on during the coming year. So please watch this space!