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An invitation to you

Dating from the 1830’s the graveyard of the former Saron Chapel in Troedyrhiw is an important part of the historic fabric of the village. This group have been working hard to reverse the effects of a lengthy period of abandonment through the creation of a memorial and wildlife garden that we can be proud rather than ashamed of.You are warmly invited to attend our AGM to learn about what has been achieved so far and, if you wish, to participate in discussions on the way forward. There will also be an election of group officers for the coming year and, of course, TEA/COFFEE & BISCUITS. We look forward to seeing you there.

An opportunity to find out about this project and influence its direction

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Over 9 years ago a project began in Troedyrhiw with the aim of rescuing the historic Saron graveyard in the village from the effects of many years of neglect. It now looks as if extensive and expensive structural work on the boundary walls will begin next Spring. You are warmly invited to a meeting to discuss our next steps including the best way of securing a lasting legacy for the project.
We hope that you can make it to the ANGEL INN, TROEDYRHIW at 6.30pm on FRIDAY OCT 19.

Graveyard Project needsYour Support

By 2009 the historic GRAVEYARD of the former SARON CHAPEL in TROEDYRHIW was neglected and abandoned and in a truly appalling condition. Since then our small band of volunteers have done amazing work in beginning to transform it into something that we can all be proud of rather than embarrassed by.
Please drop in to our next VOLUNTEER DAY on Sat 20 OCTOBER at any time from 10.00am until dusk. We will be very pleased to see you.

Will you help this community project?


The abandoned, crumbling and decaying graveyard of the former Saron Chapel in Troedyrhiw had almost reached the point of no return when, in 2009, a group of residents and former residents decided that something should be done. Since then our volunteers have been working hard, with the help of other community groups, to restore this marker of our local history to a condition that we can all be proud of. We are very pleased to report that the leaseholder has been prevailed upon to carry out urgently necessary structural work to the boundary walls which we expect to begin next Spring. In the meantime our volunteers will continue the programme of improvement work within the graveyard. Our most recent  session was held last Saturday.  This is extremely rewarding work not all of which is as strenuous as some of our photos show. . If you think that you would like to get involved please contact us, without making any commitment, on friendsofsaron@gmail.com

A bug hotel and habitat heaps

Last Thursday Friends of Saron were very pleased to work with young people and youth workers from the Willows Centre, Troedyrhiw on the creation of some habitats for wildlife in the village’s historic graveyard. Under the supervision of Jake Castle, Keep Wales Tidy and Youth Leader Dan Townsend they worked with energy, enthusiasm and imagination to produce a ‘bug hotel’ from used pallets and other materials. A start was also made on putting together some ‘habitat heaps’ in the form of a log pile and a rock pile which will become homes for a variety of small creatures.

At the beginning of the session some additional ‘bug boxes’ which had been made by volunteers were erected around the site.

The contribution that Willows Youth are making to this community venture has been good to see and the way in which these young people conducted themselves brought credit to themselves and to the youth workers that guide and support them. Such interest in their heritage and environment from members of the younger generation has, from our point of view, been most heartening.

Special thanks are due to Caitlyn, Misha, Isabelle, Jazz, Jake, Dan T., Dan J., Alex, Pauline, Sheila and David for making this so successful. Also to Stephen & George, Printers for donating pallets.

Volunteers defy the heatwave

Conditions were far too hot last Saturday for outdoor physical work but, despite this, our volunteers got a great deal done. Their spirits were lifted by the beautiful display of rose blossoms on the shrubs that were planted in the graveyard only a year or two ago.
As part of our efforts to attract wildlife three bat boxes were erected and it is hoped that they will be occupied in due course.
Several gravestones that were leaning over and had become unstable were firmly reset.
During work to level some uneven ground two previously unrecorded gravestones were unearthed. Interestingly the dates on these go back as far as the 1820’s and these will require further research.

Steady progress in Troedyrhiw’s historic graveyard

A few of our group were involved in the ‘Clean for Troedyrhiw’ event which was held

recently. The remainder of our volunteers put in another good day’s work in Saron Graveyard and were joined by other members for the afternoon. We are making satisfying progress towards achieving our principal aim of transforming the graveyard from a shameful blot on our village into a community asset. There is, however,still much to be done and significant funding will need to be found for some essential structural work.

Refurbishing Saron’s Historic Gates

It is not surprising that, after some 160 years spent guarding the entrance to Saron Chapel and its graveyard, the historic cast iron gates were showing their age.

A sorry scene, even for cats, in 2009

A sorry scene, even for cats, in 2009

Following the rebuilding of the stone gate piers earlier this year Friends of Saron volunteers have turned their attention to the Saron gates which have been part of the historic fabric of the village for so long. The process of returning them to something near to their original condition has begun.

Sandblasting away 160 years worth of grime, paint and corrosion

Sandblasting away 160 years worth of grime, paint and corrosion

We hope to be able to refit the restored gates in the early part of 2014. Residents should keep their eyes open for the completion of another small but significant step towards the creation of a community asset which we can all be proud of.