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Natural Beauty and Human Thoughtlessness


Wildflowers emerging on our waysides and verges can be a wonderful and uplifting sight. These lovely bluebells at the side of the Chapel Street to Cardiff Road footpath should be a case in point. Unfortunately, the scene is ruined by the thoughtless actions of the few people in our community that think they have a perfect right to fly tip anywhere and everywhere around our village.

If you are concerned about this sort of thing then the following piece from the kingdom.co.uk website is well worth reading:-

LITTER, ITS IMPACT ON LOCAL COMMUNITIES Litter is not a small problem. Keep Britain Tidy wrote in a recent report that “litter is one of the first signs of social decay. If we don’t care about litter in the places where we live then we are unlikely to care about other environmental issues that negatively impact on our lives, our community and society”.

People should be proud of the areas that they live in. When an area has a litter problem, it is going to reduce or even destroy the pride that residents have in living there. When an area has a litter problem, its residents don’t want to spend time there, meaning an area become uncared for, community spirit suffers, and as a result people’s wellbeing and health suffer. It also means that residents worry about other problems associated with litter, such as economic impact, crime and anti-social behaviour.

Please let us know what you think about the litter situation in Troedyrhiw and the efforts of Neighbourhood Watch and others to tackle this problem.

We would be very grateful if residents would report this and other incidents of fly tipping to Merthyr Council.


Troedyrhiw residents deserve better

Fly tipping is ‘the illegal dumping of waste’. We are very sorry to say that this is a huge problem across Troedyrhiw with there being quite a few ‘hot spots’ that are all too obvious to residents and visitors alike. We are not referring here to the odd dropped sweet wrapper or discarded cigarette end but the deliberate disposal in public places of a variety of large and small items including rubbish that has been neatly bagged.


As regular visitors to this blog will know Friends of Saron have taken a particular interest in keeping the graveyard and footpath tidy but this is becoming, like painting the Forth Bridge, a never ending task. The photographs show some waste that has recently been dumped by the side of the Cardiff Road to Chapel Street footpath and also some deliberate vandalism to garden fencing.

All of this is extremely frustrating for residents of Troedyrhiw  and for all the village groups that are working to make the village environment something to be proud of rather than ashamed of.

Troedyrhiw needs some t.l.c.

Compare the picture of a well known Troedyrhiw beauty spot as it was 100 years ago with the situation today. How do you feel about this? Ashamed? Out of sight out of mind?

Taking care of our village

Friends of Saron were pleased to take part in the successful ‘Spring Cleanup Day’ in Troedyrhiw recently. 5 village groups including some of our brilliant young people made a real impact on the litter problem today. Over 50 bags of litter were collected together with a variety of other carelessly discarded items. Many thanks are due to Keep Wales Tidy, group leaders and ward councillors for their support. There is much still to be done so please do your bit to help to make Troedyrhiw the best it can be.

Three reminders

Three reminders for those who care about our village of Troedyrhiw and might be willing to give up a little of their time to make us more proud of it:-
THURSDAY 17 MAR 6.30pm – ANGEL INN – Friends of Saron Meeting.
SATURDAY 19 MAR 10am – SARON GRAVEYARD – Volunteer Day
SATURDAY 19 MAR 10am – MEET OPPOSITE FAMILY SHOPPER – Join with village groups to do something about our litter problem.

Will you support this event?

Clean for Troedyrhiw


Let’s not be a ‘grot spot’

12 of the worst places for litter in Britain have been called ‘grot spots’ to highlight a UK wide community cleanup campaign that will take place in March. Many residents of Troedyrhiw have told us how pleased they were with the results of the Friends of Saron cleanup of the Saron footpath last September.

Our volunteers were very disappointed to find that quite a lot of rubbish has been dumped in this area again and they have had to attend to this when they should have been doing other things.
Troedyrhiw is a nice village so please help us to show that everyone in our community can make a difference to our local environment by not tolerating littering.

Another rewarding day for our volunteers

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A fine but chilly Volunteer Day last Saturday 5th December saw our volunteers work tirelessly until the light began to fail. The work carried out included strimming, hoeing, weeding, levelling, bulb planting, clearing and stacking loose stone and stabilising headstones. Very many thanks are due to Clive, Steve E., Andrew, Steve C., Simon, Eirwen, Mark, Sheila, Phil and Jean.



Disappointingly, in view of the major ‘Be Tidy’ clearup of the footpath that we undertook back in September, it was also necessary to pick up quite a lot of litter, some of which had been dumped recently. Items included beer cans, glass drinks bottles, sweet wrappers, household rubbish, women’s boots, man’s shoe, men’s underwear, blouse, toy boat, a seaside bucket, football and a motor oil container.


Sometimes we despair! But are we downhearted? Certainly not! We will continue to work to make this part of Troedyrhiw the best it can be. Please give us your support in any way that you are able.