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Spring has sprung!

Saron Memorial & Wildlife Garden, Troed-y-rhiw.

Creating a Memorial & Wildlife Garden

Our vision is to create ‘Saron Memorial & Wildlife Garden’ on the Saron site. As part of our work towards this the young people of Willows Youth have been helping to add various habitat features. The images show volunteers planting more ferns and grasses in the ‘stumpery’.

An invitation to you

Dating from the 1830’s the graveyard of the former Saron Chapel in Troedyrhiw is an important part of the historic fabric of the village. This group have been working hard to reverse the effects of a lengthy period of abandonment through the creation of a memorial and wildlife garden that we can be proud rather than ashamed of.You are warmly invited to attend our AGM to learn about what has been achieved so far and, if you wish, to participate in discussions on the way forward. There will also be an election of group officers for the coming year and, of course, TEA/COFFEE & BISCUITS. We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s never too hot for Saron volunteers

Our intrepid band of volunteers braved the searing heat last Saturday to continue the improvement work in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. This included:-

  • Lopping branches off a tree that has grown far to large for this space.
  • Watering the small ornamental tree and shrubs which were planted last month.
  • Tidying up, watering and mulching the stumpery with ferns etc that were planted last  month.
  • Completing the setting up of a small ‘pond in an old kitchen sink’.
  • Expanding the ‘bug hotel’ which had been set up by Willows Youth as luxury accomodation for a range of small creatures.

Many thanks for your input and support to Steve C., Simon, Sheila, Andrew, Steve E., Chris, Frances, David, Phil and John.


More Bug Boxes for Saron

Bug boxes (1)

Our volunteers have made these bug boxes from pieces of scrap wood and other waste materials. These will be erected this week in warm, sheltered positions in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. They will give nature a helping hand by providing perfect habitats for small beneficial creatures such as ladybirds, lacewings, spiders and solitary bees.

Friends of Saron A.G.M.

Thank you to everyone that attended the Friends of Saron AGM at the Willows Centre, Troedyrhiw last Friday. Since the project to rescue our historic graveyard was launched in 2009 following the presentation of a 1,250 signature petition from the people of Troedyrhiw to the Council a great deal has happened. Our small but highly motivated group of volunteers have made significant improvements to the condition of the graveyard but there is much still to be done. Our main challenge is to unlock funding for some major structural work on the boundary walls. For reasons associated with the conditions of the lease and the leaseholder’s objections to approaching the Heritage Lottery Fund the usual sources of funding are closed to us. We are hopeful that the landowner and their tenant will be able to come up with a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, this group will continue to work hard to realise our vision of creating a Memorial and Wildlife Garden on the Saron site. PLEASE GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT.

Is it wrong to exercise in a graveyard?

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 16.19.26

The vision of the Saron Project, Troedyrhiw is to rescue an important part of the historic fabric of the village from the effects of many years of neglect by creating a low maintenance memorial and wildlife garden as a well-loved resource which can be appreciated and used by the local and wider communities.

Are there any activities that are not appropriate for a burial place? Follow this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-33911938

and let us know what you think by emailing friendsofsaron@gmail.com

Giving Our Wildlife a Chance

Common Pipistrelle

The Saron Graveyard Project is working to create a memorial and wildlife garden. If you have been following the progress of the project you will have seen some of the ways in which we have begun to improve the habitat value of this area of the village. Now we intend to do something for our bats. These have been described as “unique mysterious creatures glimpsed at dusk darting through the night sky as they hunt for insects”.

DSC01353Why do bats need our help? Sadly our UK bat populations have declined dramatically during the past century. Many of the roosting sites and feeding grounds that they need have been destroyed to make way for buildings and roads, or other changes in land use. Pesticides have not only killed many of their insect prey, but also some of the bats themselves.

At our next Volunteer Day in June we will be installing some bat boxes in suitable locations. Why not call in to see what we are doing? You will be made most welcome.

You might even be motivated to make and erect your own bat boxes. You will find plenty of helpful information online.


Families show that they care

It is very pleasing that, after many years of being denied access to family plots in Saron Graveyard, some people are now able to pay due respect to their forebears by visiting and caring for their graves. Peter Smith of Bargoed recently arranged for  the grave of much loved grandparents to be professionally cleaned and the results can be seen  below:-

Grave of William and Catherine Jones before cleaning.

Grave of William and Catherine Jones before cleaning.

Grave of William and Catherine Jones after cleaning.

Grave of William and Catherine Jones after cleaning.

Friends of Saron are aware of others who will also wish to attend to family graves in this way and will be happy to support anyone with this in mind who would like to get in touch with them at friendsofsaron@gmail.com

Catherine Jones 1882 - 1968, formerly of Yew Street, Troedyrhiw

Catherine Jones 1882 – 1968, formerly of Yew Street, Troedyrhiw