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Reggie Hamer& the Great War

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A recent talk on the Great War given to Troed-y-rhiw Local History Forum at Carmel Chapel in the village explained some of the events in the life and death of Reginald (known as ‘Reggie’) Hamer. Standing at 6ft 7in he was a big man in many ways. It would be fitting in this WW1 Centenary period to spare a few moments to think of Reggie and all of the other casualties of this dreadful conflict.

Will you help this community project?


The abandoned, crumbling and decaying graveyard of the former Saron Chapel in Troedyrhiw had almost reached the point of no return when, in 2009, a group of residents and former residents decided that something should be done. Since then our volunteers have been working hard, with the help of other community groups, to restore this marker of our local history to a condition that we can all be proud of. We are very pleased to report that the leaseholder has been prevailed upon to carry out urgently necessary structural work to the boundary walls which we expect to begin next Spring. In the meantime our volunteers will continue the programme of improvement work within the graveyard. Our most recent  session was held last Saturday.  This is extremely rewarding work not all of which is as strenuous as some of our photos show. . If you think that you would like to get involved please contact us, without making any commitment, on friendsofsaron@gmail.com

Young Community Volunteers


VolunteerWe are looking forward to young people from the community helping to improve the habitat value of Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw this Thursday 31 May. Well done Willows Youth!

Our volunteers make things happen again.

As mentioned in a previous post the volunteers that work on Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw are a highly motivated group. This was made clear, yet again, last Saturday when Steve, Simon, Mark, Sheila, Andrew, Phil and David tackled a number of tasks including tree stump removal and resetting of headstones. WHY NOT POP IN TO OUR NEXT VOLUNTEER DAY TO SUPPORT US AND SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING?

Join the discussion


Why not join the discussion on the best way forward for the Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw?

You are cordially invited to join us at the next Friends of Saron meeting to be held at:-

Angel Inn, Troedyrhiw


Friday 31 March

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.



We are sure that many residents, former residents and those with other links to Troedyrhiw will be interested in finding out more about the history of our village and in supporting efforts to preserve the distinctive parts of its fabric that have been passed on to us by previous generations.

We would very much like to see you at one or more of the following events that will be taking place in Troedyrhiw next week:-

Thursday 23 Feb, 7.00pm at Carmel Chapel – Troed-y-rhiw Local History Forum – ‘A View from Eagle’s Rock : A Mid-Valley Miscellany’ – Clive Thomas

Friday 24 Feb, 6.30pm at The Willows Centre – Friends of Saron Meeting – Find out about the progress of this project which is working hard to return our historic graveyard to a condition we can be proud of. Also take part in discussion on the way forward.

Saturday 25 Feb, 9.30am at Saron Graveyard – Volunteer Day –  An opportunity to give an hour or two of your time to this worthwhile cause or to simply call in to show your support and see what we are doing.

Let’s give bugs somewhere to live

Bug Box

We are working towards creating Saron Memorial and Wildlife Garden.

Bugs might not look like particularly significant garden visitors, but they’re vital to keeping the ecosystem working.

By providing the right habitats we can greatly increase the number of beneficial insects. Some such as bumblebees and solitary bees, are declining so can do with our help.

As part of our habitat creation programme we intend to install some bug homes in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw.

Our next Volunteer Day will be on Saturday 13th February from 10.00am. Why not call in to see what we are doing or to lend a hand?

A habitat for birds

Nest box

One of the aims of this project is to increase the habitat value of Saron graveyard.

Our volunteers may be erecting some nest boxes during the next Volunteer Day which will be held on Saturday 13th February from 10.00am.

Please call in to see what we are doing or to lend a hand. You will be made very welcome.

(Thanks to BTO for nest box plan.)

Our village was built on coal

Castle Colliery

It can be truly said that Troedyrhiw was ‘built on coal’. The image shows Ash Road and Castle Colliery, Troedyrhiw. The pit was sunk in 1866 by the Crawshay (Cyfartha) Company and stopped production in 1935. At its peak in 1923 1,594 men were employed here. At 12.30 am on 10th July 1895 an explosion killed Daniel Sullivan 23, Robert Bodger 29 and Samuel Thomas 18.