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A Saron Stumpery

The success of last Thursday’s habitat creation session with Willows Youth has motivated our volunteers to begin to develop the area next to the bug hotel and log pile. We brought forward our plans to put the many tree stumps that remain from tree clearance activities in the graveyard to good use. We have begun to develop a garden feature known as a ‘stumpery’ planted with ferns etc. This will be a further addition to the habitat value of this part of the site which is a vital part of our vision of a low-maintenance wildlife and memorial garden on the historic Saron site.

More hard but worthwhile work from Saron volunteers

Our volunteers have been working hard, once again. Several of the troublesome tree stumps which are to be found across the Saron graveyard site have been removed this week. This is very hard physical work but the results are well worth the time and trouble. Many thanks must go mainly to Steve C. for all of the effort that he has put in.