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If you are interested in the SARON GRAVEYARD PROJECT, TROEDYRHIW then why not pop in to one or both of next week’s events?

Productive volunteer sessions in Saron Graveyard

Volunteers of the Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw held two productive sessions in the graveyard last week.

A floral tribute in memory of Peter Smith, a passionate supporter of this project who passed away recently, was laid on his grandparents’ grave.

The vision is to create SARON MEMORIAL & WILDLIFE GARDEN and, to this end, we have been making plans with Willows Youth to add some additional habitat features to those that are already in place. With the help of Dan Townsend, the youth leader at the Willows, a raised bed planted as a Sensory Garden was installed. Dan took back to the Willows some kits for the young people to make up into nesting boxes and bug boxes that we hope will be erected in gardens and other places across the village.

Other volunteers got stuck in to complete these important tasks:-

  1. Regular weeding is an essential part of site maintenance at this stage of the project and Lynda and Sheila’s hard work made an enormous improvement to the appearance of the site.
  2. Our volunteers have abilities and experience in many areas and Simon was able to demonstrate, once again, his stone wall building skills.

A sad loss and a grateful community project

Peter Smith of Bargoed, who had been a dedicated supporter of the Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw, sadly passed away recently. In his younger days he spent a lot of time in the village and was very close to his grandparents who are buried in the graveyard, as are his great grandparents.

Peter was a kind and generous person whom members of our group feel privileged to have known. We have been surprised and humbled by the decision of Peter’s family to donate the proceeds of his funeral collection to the Saron Project. This has amounted to a significant sum, the largest single donation that has been received since we began in 2009, and we are determined that this will be used in ways that Peter would have been pleased with and befits his memory.


Any support that you may be able to provide to the team that are working hard to restore a vital component of the historic fabric of Troedyrhiw to a condition that we can all be proud of will be greatly appreciated by us. We hope that you may be able to make it to one or more of the events that are scheduled for next week.

Troedyrhiw Wesleyan Sunday School

This interesting item was spotted in a copy of the Merthyr Express dated Friday May 11th 1973. The caption reads “FROM EAST HAM a former Merthyr resident, Mr Ron Beavan, sends this photograph of Troedyrhiw Wesleyan Sunday School round about 1928 or 1929.”

Creating a Memorial & Wildlife Garden

Our vision is to create ‘Saron Memorial & Wildlife Garden’ on the Saron site. As part of our work towards this the young people of Willows Youth have been helping to add various habitat features. The images show volunteers planting more ferns and grasses in the ‘stumpery’.

Desecration & a kick in the teeth

We know that you will be concerned, as we are, to know that there has been some recent criminal damage caused at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw. Apart from the desecration of graves this is a kick in the teeth for our volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to return this sensitive and historic site to a condition in which it will be a community asset that we can all be proud of.
Thankfully, the damage is confined, on this occasion, to one corner of the site but we fear that other areas could be at risk in the future. The culprits have clambered up from the public footpath that leads from Chapel Street to Cardiff Road. We understand that the maintenance of this path is the responsibility of the Council although they do not seem to have carried this out for very many years. In July 2016 our volunteers carried out an extensive clearup of the path and removed a large amount of fly-tipped rubbish that had been dumped on either side of it. Over the past three years the path has reverted to the same shameful condition that it was in before we intervened.
The moral of this story is that without regular maintenance areas like this will continue to be dumping grounds and targets for the antisocial minority who appear to have no conscience and no community feeling.
P.S. We are unable to show the full image due to its obscene nature.

Researcher visits Saron Graveyard

We were pleased that Eleanor Skipper visited Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday to take a look at what our volunteers are doing and to discuss the Saron Project with us. Eleanor is a postgraduate student at Swansea University who, as part of her Master’s degree, is looking into community involvement in the preservation of community history. She is very interested in understanding the work of the Saron Graveyard Project and a similar one at Babell Graveyard, Cwmbwrla, Swansea. Follow this link for more details of the Babell Projecthttps://babell-chapel.com/

Saron welcomes Dawn Bowden AM

Volunteers were very pleased to welcome our Assembly Member Dawn Bowden to our Volunteer Day at Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday. Her ongoing interest in and support for this project are most appreciated.

Tiring but rewarding work!

It was an extremely hot day in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday 29 June. Despite the working conditions our dedicated team of volunteers worked through from 8:30am until 9:00pm. Tiring but very rewarding work!