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Sam Small & the Great War

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 14.01.30 At a recent talk given to Troed-y-rhiw Local History Forum at Carmel Chapel in the village some of the events in the life of Samuel (known as ‘Sam’) Small were explained. This covered his pre-War life as a gas fitter living in Aberfan to his service in the Royal Navy, his ongoing correspondence with his future wife May Osment and, sadly, an early death in 1924 having survived the War.


Reggie Hamer& the Great War

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A recent talk on the Great War given to Troed-y-rhiw Local History Forum at Carmel Chapel in the village explained some of the events in the life and death of Reginald (known as ‘Reggie’) Hamer. Standing at 6ft 7in he was a big man in many ways. It would be fitting in this WW1 Centenary period to spare a few moments to think of Reggie and all of the other casualties of this dreadful conflict.

Poppies on family headstones of world war casualties

During this WW1 Centenary period we have been motivated to mark, with poppies, headstones in Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw to indicate where families have inscribed the names of members who died in the two world wars. These are:-
JOHN WILLIAM DAVIES, b. 1894, Killed in Action, Belgium 10 Apr 1918.
GODFREY MARSDEN WILLIAMS, b. 1893, Died, Egypt 26 Apr 1918.
REES DAVIES, b. 1889, Died, France 07 Dec 1914.
DAVID GLYNDWYR DAVIES, b. 1919, Died on Active Service 10 Oct 1942.

Word War 1 Centenary Talks

Troed-y-rhiw Local History Forum are hosting two talks during the WW1 centenary period. The first, given recently, looked at some aspects of the impact that the War had on the village. Please make a note in your diaries of the second talk which will be delivered by DAVID MADDOX OBE who has intensively studied the effects of the Great War on our valleys communities. This is scheduled for CARMEL CHAPEL, TROEDYRHIW at 7.00pm on THURS 15 NOVEMBER. We hope to see you there.

The work goes on

Recent activity in the Saron Graveyard Project, Troedyrhiw has included volunteer work to reset headstones, remove tree stumps and plant primroses, cowslips and red campion as part of the habitat improvement programme. We are grateful to Tom Bramley and Gillian Hampson of Merthyr Council for their invaluable advice and support.
There has been additional on-site work by contractors acting for the leaseholder who have been testing the ground in preparation for repair and rebuilding of boundary walls which we expect to begin next Spring.

An opportunity to find out about this project and influence its direction

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Over 9 years ago a project began in Troedyrhiw with the aim of rescuing the historic Saron graveyard in the village from the effects of many years of neglect. It now looks as if extensive and expensive structural work on the boundary walls will begin next Spring. You are warmly invited to a meeting to discuss our next steps including the best way of securing a lasting legacy for the project.
We hope that you can make it to the ANGEL INN, TROEDYRHIW at 6.30pm on FRIDAY OCT 19.

Graveyard Project needsYour Support

By 2009 the historic GRAVEYARD of the former SARON CHAPEL in TROEDYRHIW was neglected and abandoned and in a truly appalling condition. Since then our small band of volunteers have done amazing work in beginning to transform it into something that we can all be proud of rather than embarrassed by.
Please drop in to our next VOLUNTEER DAY on Sat 20 OCTOBER at any time from 10.00am until dusk. We will be very pleased to see you.

Troed-y-rhiw & the Great War

Can you help us with information about those from Troed-y-rhiw who lost their lives in the First World War, served and survived or were affected in other ways?

A link from Troedyrhiw to Patagonia


During last Saturday’s Volunteer Day in the historic Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw we were surprised but extremely pleased to receive visitors from Patagonia who had come looking for a family grave.

Victor Griffiths and his friend Myriam are from the small town of Gaiman in the Chubut valley of southern Argentina. It was in this region that Welsh settlers established a colony following a first arrival in 1865 and Victor is able to trace his ancestry back to a time which came just after this earliest period.

Those family members left behind in Wales included the Days of Troedyrhiw and Victor was very pleased to be shown the grave of Mary and Arthur William Day. Fortunately John Day, the one member of this family that still lives in the village, has been an enthusiastic supporter of this project from its beginning and one of our group was able to take Victor and Myriam to meet him for only the second time. This was, understandably, a very warm reunion.

Friends of Saron intend to remain in contact with Victor Griffiths with a view towards obtaining more information about his family history and its links with Troedyrhiw.

For more about the Welsh colony in Patagonia visit www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-29611380 to find out about some of the impressions which a visit to the Chubut valley left on Professor E. Wyn James who, as many will know, hails from Troedyrhiw.

A rewarding day’s work

The usual small but dedicated team of volunteers made another real difference in the historic Saron Graveyard, Troedyrhiw last Saturday. While some worked on the stumpery described in another post others completed the improvement work in an area containing many graves by (a) resetting headstones; (b) levelling uneven ground and (c) planting shrubs and a small cherry tree. There was even time to give the restored iron gates a bit of a spring clean!
Our volunteers worked from 10.00am to 8.30pm with few breaks and ended the day shattered but extremely satisfied with what had been achieved.
Many thanks are due to Steve C., Mark, Simon, Sheila, Steve E., Andrew, David and Tony for their efforts and support.